Friday, August 3, 2018

Some days are just meant to have fun days ~

…..and one of those fun days was with the Sunshine Chapter, North Louisiana Quilt Guild, where Norma Daniels and Rikki Gallagher spun us a yarn!

And what a story it was....did you know that spinning has been found to be around for at least 20,000 years?

And did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci referenced spinning in his painting of 1499, Madonna of the Yarn Winder....sometimes called Madonna of the Spindle, where the spindle is in the shape of the cross?  And that the term spinster came along as a result of the young ladies who, because of their youth, had to help with the chore of spinning yarn for the household's textile making?

Norma and Rikki brought their tools of the trade, from their wool roving to the spinning wheel itself and demonstrated how each element became a part of the end result - the skeins of yarn.

Did you know that  spinning wheels often have a name attached by the wheel maker.  Norma says her wheel is a Kromski wheel made in Poland and was made in 1976 by Gabriella....thus the wheel name is 'Gabby'.     Norma says Gabby is a fine piece of furniture so must never be scuffed with shoes. 

and Rikki has a Pollywog wheel to whom she fittingly dubbed the name 'Polly'. 

Yes, it was a most fun day and I thank both Rikki and Norma from the bottom of my heart for their wonderful performance.  They spun us a yarn to be remembered. 

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