Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Tree Ornaments: Thank you, Linda Easterling

Yes, Linda Easterling's demonstration on how she makes Christmas ornaments using styrofoam balls and cones was a hit with the Piney Hills Quilt Guild in Ruston.  'Tis the season to rejoice and enjoy the cold weather....and make Christmas ornaments. 

Linda says that first, we should gather:

3" syrofoam ball.  She also decorates the egg shape and the cone shapes. 
3 high contrast fabrics.  For the top and bottom of the ornament, cut 8- 2 1/2" squares of fabric 1.  Cut 16  of the second fabric for the next layer and 16 of the third fabric for the middle layer.  Linda says contrast is the key. 
3/4" to 1" wire-in ribbon.
1 1/16" straight pins.  Size is important.  Too short won't hold and too long is TOO hard to work with.

Here, you can see that the squares are folded into prairie points and pinned.  That's all there is too it....just make prairie points and pin!   Start at the top center and pin in fabric 1.  Then add fabric 2 which forms the center star.  Then add layer 3.  There's a pattern out there somewhere, but Linda says she lost it, but after she made one, she didn't need a pattern anyway.

Oh yes, and as to gathering, you can see Linda has a rubber 'thimble' over her thumb for pushing the pin in.   She added a little piece of leather inside the rubber for extra protection.  Genius! 

Round and round the styrofoam ornament she goes until the top is covered.  She then rotates and starts the process all over again from the bottom to the center where all raw edges meet. 

Linda then adds decorative ribbon around the middle of the ornament to hide the raw edges where the layers comes together. 


Make a hanging loop with the ribbon and pin in place.  

Little 'fuzzy' balls of all sizes are added after the hanging ribbon is pinned in to hide that pin...and to add more happiness to an already happy and  festive ornament. 


Janie was right there with hands on! Hearts to you for helping keep the spirit going. 

Gladys is all smiles over Linda's  pine cone ornament she won as a door prize.

 They are beautiful.  Linda. thank you so much for your dedication to the quilt guild community.  It's ladies such as yourself who keep the rest of us energized and eager to learn. 


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