Friday, May 17, 2013

The more I go, the more I grow ~

There's always something to learn from the quilting community.  Virginia shared this method of making a 9-patch.    So, sew easy starting with two contrasting 8" squares.  Sew and cut, re-position, sew and cut.   And, there you have it.

making a 9-patch
Virginia is always full of inspiration.  She brought a tee-shirt she had printed for the Piney Needles Quilt Guild of which she is also a member.  It's a simple thing, but what a huge impact!  A printed flowering 9-patch for each member to personalize. 

 And, you had better watch out what you say around her!  At a recent retreat she was all ears and like a mocking bird, made a note and then had each phrase printed on fabric.  How to make memories sing!  I'll say. 

comments printed on fabric

Oh, there was more.  Much more which I'll save for another post.