Friday, April 5, 2013

The room was full of sunshine:

It was a cloudy day outside;  however, the meeting room was full of sunshine.  Spontaneous combustion worked yesterday.  Several guild chapter members had a lot to overcome.  We knew the president was going to Arkansas on one of her glorious long-arm quilter's retreat.  We knew that our vice-president was on her way to New Jersey to visit family.  What we didn't know was that the next two ladies in line to fill in for the president in the event of an emergency also had emergencies.   Well, that left Pat who filled in beautifully on very short notice.   What information Pat didn't have at her fingertips, one or the other of us did.  We kept ourselves dutifully informed. 

What's more, all that sunshine in our room created spontaneous combustion when Holly stepped forth with her Bog Jacket demonstration.  It wasn't at all like she had planned.  You see, Holly is a whiz at power-point presentation and that's just what she had planned  - except her computer didn't cooperate.  At the last minute, she grabbed some pictures from Thread Magazine she had on hand, some construction paper and scissors and on to the meeting she came.   She passed out the paper and had every one of us make a pattern for the bog jacket out of our construction paper.  It worked beautifully.  She had pictures of the kimono style jackets to pass around so we 'got the picture.'   Holly brought lime green yardage (which made me smile)  and threw it over her shoulders to demonstrate how to measure the arm span and length of the jacket.   Then without tape measure or cutting board, she grabbed the utility scissors and cut a straight line to continue to demonstrate the stop and start points.  With her fingers, she showed us where the stitching lines would be.  Then elaborated on how we could embellish our jackets once construction is complete.    I can't wait to make mine. 

We were such a happy group yesterday, helping others overcome adversity, continuing to share our love of quilting.   

Here's Holly with no props - except the one on which she propped her elbow! 

Thanks to all who made it happen and a special thank you to  Holly for her delightful presentation. 


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