Friday, January 18, 2013

The Lil' Twister: Rules

The twister rumble started a couple of months ago when Nancy came to visit the Piney Hills Guild meeting.  She brought her twister quilt as a tease.  She won!   Ten of us twisted and shouted yesterday.

#1 Debbie's almost completed twister trimmed to perfection with the 8" twister ruler.  

#2 Marty's little twister, auditioning borders....I think the Kaffe Fassett 'oriental trees' will do the trick.  

 #3 Carolyn's twister blocks and border next to her finished twister in Valentine theme fabric.  She found a most exciting way to add another border but we'll just have to wait on that.  

#4 Susan's before and after had the group drooling over her fabric choices.  So, so pretty!

#5  We all loved the way Jean lined her fabric colors on the diagonal.  Her den decor will be twisted to perfection with the addition of this beauty.  Just one more row to go Jean.
#6  Scrumptious doesn't even begin to describe Judy's shades of green and purple.  Wow power!

#7  Oh, the beauty of black and cream.  Gene's Lil' Twister was magical.   After Gene adds a couple of more rows  this will be an I-can't-keep-my-eyes-off-you kind of table topper or wall hanging.  

#8 Ooooo, fresh, inviting, Spring.  Gladys wants it to get here soon with all that flower power.

#9 Mary's fabrics in shades of rust, red, orange and gold will certainly make her Autumn dining table setting sing a joyous song.  
#10......she's little, but Shirley's twister speaks volumes in shades of black, gray, ecru and ivory.  What a nice   mix of polka dots and stripes.  

Yep, we twisted and shouted and sang hallelujahs to Nancy for giving us the jump-start on using the Lil' Twister.  


  1. These look like so much fun! I've thought about trying these as well. So much to do!!!

  2. Oh make me feel good just reading how much fun you have!!!