Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's Talk MODERN

I've been told over and over that I was a modern quilter before modern was in vogue.  It's not that I didn't enjoy traditional - anyone my age had to have gotten their quilting roots from traditionalist.  But when I started reaching within myself and allowing my taste in fabric and style to emerge, it came out different to those who viewed my work.  They, not asked, they might make the statement "Where did that come from?"  or I might hear, "Those colors don't even go together!"  It was pretty sad.  So, I am relishing in the fact that beginning in Los Angeles just a few short years ago, the first modern quilt guild was formed.  I am also relishing in the fact that it has spread across the country like wild fire and it has now spread to Louisiana.  Yes,  Ramona Putnam is working hard to get a Modern Quilt Guild growing here in North Louisiana.  The group is still in the very early formative stage, not even sure of the name yet.  We've been tossing around NELA MQG and NLa MQG.  Not sure of dues or community service work or challenges, and projects,  and don't have bylaws or officers yet.  We are very new and.....

the third meeting/sit and sew is Saturday, December 8, 2012, at Quilt 'n Stitch on Cypress Street in West Monroe.  Meeting time is 12 noon and we will sit and sew until 4 p.m.  Come join us in the back room to learn more about the modern movement. 

If you have the Quilters Newsletter August/September issue, there is a great Question and Answer article pgs. 29-34.   Five questions for five modern quilters helped me to understand that modern doesn't demand that we skew our minds into unconscionable turmoil just to be able to quilt modern.  This article helped me to understand that it's okay to use the fabric I have on hand,  it's okay to use the same stitching and quilting techniques that I learned as a traditional quilter, but it's also okay to step outside traditional and incorporate a new line of fabric with an old quilt pattern.  Modern means it's okay to break the rules, because their are no set rules and while there are (as always) quilt police out there, we can choose to ignore their presence.   It's enlightening, it's fresh, it's liberating, it's fun.  Learn more about what modern quilt guilds around the country are doing. 

Blog resources for modern: Three of many out there. 
  •  Debbie Grifka of  Esch House Quilts.  Debbie says she likes to make modern quilts with traditional material.
  • Malka Dubrawsky of A Stitch in Dye.  Malka lives in Austin, Texas, and describes herself as an artist who likes all things fiber. 
  • Jacquie Gering of Tall Grass Prairie.  Jackie tells us that most of the quilts she doesn't use in her classes are donated to the BASICS program in New York City.  Oh, and you simply must click on the box on her blog sidebar....It's Okay To Not Like sentiments exactly.
Hope to see you Saturday and bring your traditional or your modern show and tell.


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