Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas Fabric...a quilt and stocking

Betty said it all started when the daughter of a friend (or was it the friend's mother)  had all this Christmas fabric and could Betty make a quilt out of it.  Betty said she could, then when she spread it all out of the floor, almost panicked.....what to do with so much fabric?

She finally figured out some of it and called on her backup crew for more advise on what to use and in what layout and finally came up with this most delightful quilt.   And a Christmas stocking to boot!
Betty, your friend will love seeing how all her Christmas fabric has been incorporated in this quilt and stocking. 

Every quilt has a story: 

Oh, and Betty also made her jacket.

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  1. Cute quilts but I love the jacket, love the colors...............Great JOb, Betty!