Friday, October 12, 2012

Northeast Louisiana Quilt Guild Sunshine Chapter: show and tell

The meeting was full of sunshine, especially with Linda Easterling demonstrating how she makes the most delightful Christmas ornaments.  She demonstrated how easy it is to make something that looks complicated not very complicated at all.  Just one step at a time and round and round the Styrofoam egg or ball or cone, she went with her little fabric pieces. 


And these quilters always have quilts to show: 

Listen closely....Pat has a story to tell about this one: 

Mary just has this much left to  finish her handwork on the binding!

This Razorback is going to Texas

Lyndae says it's been a long time finishing this one....started in Arkansas.  Down the road a bit, now in Louisiana.  Maybe it could be called Crossing State Line. 

Juanita is delighted to have all her flowers put into her just to finish the border:  in grass green

and she likes her I Spy quilts LARGE:  as in queen size large. 


Lil and Theresa never tire of making their table runners...a new one for every season...and then some!



  1. Sorry I missed the meeting. Happy see Juanita is back with us and I think Lil and Theresa could share their table runners.

    1. It was a great meeting Ethel....Yes, Juanita is back and busy. She just found the green fabric she needed to finish her grandmother's garden. Good luck on table runner sharing!