Sunday, October 21, 2012

Northeast Louisiana Modern Quilt Guild

It was our first formative meeting, and we are on the map........NELA Modern Quilt Guild website, Flickr  and Facebook

We met yesterday and started the ball rolling with a brief business session:  What will be the name of the modern guild?  Logo?  How about dues?  Meeting place and time?  Bylaws?  Lots to think about in organizing a new group. 

It was a refreshing visit with folks with a kindred spirit....those who can be traditional quilters, yet punch it up a bit with pattern variations.  Fabric choices these days are just delightful and it may take stepping outside the traditional frame of mind to really enjoy newer fabric lines in our quilts.  And solids?  Have you ever seen so many solids?   Quilting, yes, very liberating and forgiving for the at-home quilter.  Lots of free motion.....and lots of straight lines too. 

Ramona, Melisa, Sterling, Sherry and Kristi.....and I'm Marty, the one in the mirror with the camera

Show and Tell:  Ramona Putnam aka ThreadTime brought two of her quilts, free motion quilting by Ramona herself on her sewing machine - not a long arm!  Great work.  Ramona says the on-line classes she's been taking helps a bunch to push down the fear and get a jump start to find new quilting ideas.  Craftsy is a great resource.  The Angela Walter's quilting in negative spaces is a class Ramona recommends. 

This modern quilt is all about Dick and Jane: 

I do wish I would become a better photographer....the back of Ramona's Dick and Jane quilt is like the pages out of the story book!

I'm sure this quilt has a name and a pattern; however! 

The back of modern is as exciting as the front of the quilt.  Simple, but makes a statement.

I also brought a couple of my more modern works...a table runner with Kaffe Fassett fabric.

And here is my variation on the half-square triangle.  Yep, even the old half-square can be cut and sliced, twisted and  restitched to give this very traditional block a modern twist. 

Fun afternoon - a fresh view on a traditional art from. 


  1. It was nice to meeting you Ramona and Melissa.
    I really enjoyed the meeting.
    I am excited to work on my simple quilt in Nov.

  2. I just saw this post! Talk about behind the times. Great write up and photos. It was fun meeting everyone and showing off. (The green and white quilt is called Retro Flowers by the Sometimes Crafter. Pattern can be found here Really looking forward to next meeting and HATE that I will have to leave early! :-))

    1. Thanks, Ramona, for sharing the Retro Flowers go to page. Yes, I'm ready to move up, on and out with our modern quilt guild. Talk about spreading our wings! We are going to soar.