Monday, October 1, 2012

2012 Louisiana Chicken Festival....and quilt show

I never get enough pictures.....well, I do take a lot of pictures; however!!!!! but by the time I get them home, they are blurred or crooked or too dark or sun splotched.  How does that happen between there and here I'll never know.  And, if I do get them downloaded, I never remember who to credit in the picture.  Prayers to me and my mind.  Okay to throw in one for my camera. 

It's the 24th annual Louisiana Chicken Festival and we had a clucking good time while there ~

The whole town opens its doors and welcomes the masses.  Dubach is a small rural town north of Ruston....and the folks here take great pride in the restoration and beautification they've done to make their community a place for themselves and visitors to enjoy.   


North Louisiana Bluegrass pickers and singers on the porch of the Dubach Welcome Center:  the T.Y. Colvin Dog Trot house moved to this location from Pea Ridge Road!


As part of the Louisiana Chicken Festival, the Piney Hills Quilt Guild puts on a quilt show.  This year, we enjoyed a  special exhibit of the quilts made by participants in the  2011 Hoffman Fabric Challenge....what a treat this was to see how so many quilters took the challenge fabric and made such diverse quilts.  This is only three quilts of about 20 that were on display.  FYI history of Hoffman fabric challenge.

And inside the Piney Hills Quilt Show where many  quilts were on display by local quilt artists:

Best Of Show

A picture never gives a quilt it's due.  It is a beauty and the workmanship and fabric selection is divine.  Quite the perfectionist here!  It truly was the best of the show. 

Original design by a local quilt artist

A Debbie Maddy quilt design

Original design by a local quilt artist

There was something for everyone......of all ages and breeds

Cubs got into the show for  free

while the canine had to wait outside
Vendors in the house
and on the street

At the end of the day, I needed this bench ~



  1. The quilt show was small but very well placed inside the bldg. beautiful quilts, presented by very friendly quilters inside.........was worth the trip......... :-)

    1. Karla...this was my first time over and I loved it!

  2. Wow, wish I had gone. I love the old buildings. What a great place for a quilt show.

    1. It was a wonderful place for the Piney Hills Quilt Guild show. The perfect space to create the ambience and warmth for everyone to enjoy the quilting moment.