Monday, September 10, 2012

What they showed and told about Thursday

I'm moving as fast as I can folks!  It stung to high heaven the day a fellow guild member told me she had taken a poll and the majority of the guild members wanted younger leaders...but now that I'm several months older, much more wise, yet moving slower than slow moving Jones, I can appreciate the energy of the young more as each day passes.

 It's only taken me five days to get these pictures ready to post!  But here goes....
show-and-tell from the group that calls themselves

We're not gonna call her the bag lady, but Ethel Moore, has been making bags!
A finished one started last spring at quilter's retreat
zippered ditty bags 
and it's a little bag...not a lunch bag....but a bag
(after looking at this picture....we may just have to call her the bag lady after all)
and last, but certainly not the least, 
Stand up and cheer for Ethel....I spy Cody's completed I-Spy quilt.  
Theresa LeBlanc is not the least bit afraid of this black cat -
even if it took her hours to embroidery....
Did I say that Theresa loves Halloween! 
'They' may move her to head of the class....Theresa definitely sets the curve for getting quilts made!
Mums the word:  BUT, Linda Easterling is busy putting together quilts for family members.  She's finished (that I know of) two circles quilts.....a cat-along and this to-die-for black and white half square triangle quilt. 
Lil Griffin is always the busiest of ladies....ready for autumn with her new place mats,  pumpkin centerpiece and pineapple wall hanging draped over the chair....
Sunshine Pineapple quilt pattern by Vicki Stratton and Barbara Jones
found at Quilting-Time
Oh, to have the energy of this young and young-at-heart lady
The pace was so fast-moving at the meeting,  I missed where Ginger McNeal found this quilt pattern.  It is so delicious and the exceptional border makes it even more so.   It's scrap happy in reds, but very much a two-color quilt. 
Mother and Daughter:  Mary and Susan Wible teamed up to make these look-alike quilts - well, not exactly alike....but, you get the picture. 

 and finally, Marty Mason completed a community service quilt made from donated fabric. 





  1. The wait was worth it. So nice to see everyone's projects again and I don't mind being called the "bag" lady. Thanks for the post.

    1. Especially if it means another purse is finished, being the bag lady IS a compliment, isn't it!

  2. Well, I'm glad your camera was working...........:-) and it was nice to see it again!!!

    Everybody has been busy..........

    1. Yes, Karla....very busy. That's why the pictures were so slow in getting back out there. Fun day wasn't it?