Sunday, September 9, 2012

How to make an easy scarf: the Nancy Zieman way!

I found it:  the Nancy Zieman  'how to make a scarf in minutes' blog post.   Lil did a beautiful job demonstrating Nancy's method to us at the Thursday meeting. 
Lil made the shorter version of Nancy's cowl scarf.  In silk, it just adds a radiance to Lil's outfit. 
and here is her second scarf:  It's one of those slip through the slot type...... I'll have to get the directions to make this one!!  But Lil says it's super easy too and when added to her ensemble, adds lots of elegance.   
Isn't she just the perfect model. 


More about the meeting later...this is just a tease.  There was more going on, lots more! 

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