Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And The Mystery Was Solved for All who took the challenge!

Ginger McNeal....quilt not available!  and Lil Griffin presented us with a Sunshine Mystery 2012 Challenge.  A bunch of  chapter members made sunshine happen in solving this mystery month-by-month as the instructions were slowly doled out to us.  Stroll down and see how one quilt pattern can become so many different quilts.  It was fun....thanks to you both.

Drum Roll Please.................Mystery Quilts 2012 please enter stage right

Lil made hers large....very large, then added an additional border to make an even larger statement. 


Under the Eclectic and lovin' it category:

 Would the real quilter extraordinaire, Mary Canterbury, please peek from behind this delightful quilt.  Hot diggidity!

It must have been mental telepathy....otherwise, how would Lyndae Gilbert have known to use a mix of turquoise blue fabric to finish her stars!   Eye candy....YES! 

Janie Lowery is little but she's loud in putting together a delightful mix of scrappiness. Every color pops against her white background. What an exuberant combination of fabrics!

Christie McRight just couldn't resist bringing out the lime (as in put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up) to show off the deep blue border. Mystery solved to the delight of all.

Mary Wible used blue....with just a touch of other to keep the mystery in her quilt. 

Red, white, black....a little bit gray: by Linda Easterling

Christmas theme:  by Dee Baum

Closer view


Christmas theme:  by Pat Seager....a quilt-as-you-go.....one-half completed. 

and another thing: 


Christmas Theme:  by Renea Joiner

Renea is still in Wyoming (or is it Montana?)..... but brought her finished quilt top for the pleasure of our company when she was home in August. 

Theresa solved her mystery by using all oriental designed fabric. 

and here is a closer view of this lush fabric. 

My heart is filled with sunshine by Rhonda Smyth....a table topper. 
Not shown are Rhonda's place mats,
graciously shared with us by Lenita Smith who drove over for the day from Bossier City.


Batik and agony over the border by Dorothy Williams.


Not pictured but much the same was Madeleine Walker's batik agony!   Dorothy and Madeleine threw all their batik fabric  into the fabric melting pot to get a huge variety in their quilts....sharing, now that's a good thing! 

Batik and outside the box by Marty Mason.

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