Friday, September 28, 2012

American Patchwork and Quilting Pillowcase Challenge

Let's get involved in the.......American Patchwork and Quilting  1 million pillowcase that's a challenge to grab onto.   And here is the American Patchwork & Quilting link to grab a pattern of your choosing to download. 

Now, how easy was that. 

All People Quilt.Com answers some frequently asked questions....just in case you want to know!

And a few suggestions about where pillowcases can be donated.   And finally, make it count.  Click here to register the number of pillowcases you've made and donated.  Quilt 'n Stitch in West Monroe is participating in the 1 million pillowcase challenge.

Sew easy to make a difference in our community and put a million smiles on a million faces.  Last time I checked over 480,000 folks were smiling! 


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Piney Hills Quilt Guild of Ruston Quilt Show

Saturday, September 29th at the Scott Hamilton Warehouse, Highway 167, downtown Dubach, Louisiana.   Have a clucking good time at the Louisiana Chicken Festival.   While there, buy a chance to win the Chicken Festival 2012 Raffle Quilt.

Lots of quilts made by North Louisiana quilters will be on display from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Door Prizes
VENDORS        VENDORS         VENDORS            VENDORS          VENDORS
Also of special interest will be the Hoffman Challenge Quilt Trunk Exhibit...
The Hanami 2011 collection quilts. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Camp Harris....a place just up the road

There were 15 of us together sewing and laughing, whining and dining from Monday through Thursday last week.  I'm still in recovery mode.
Here's just a glimpse of  how much quilt making is done in and around the quilter's retreat camp grounds.
Oh, yes, the Saints came marching in.  For a Canada girl, Theresa can really sew up and get the Saints spirit.  Her almost finished project  just needs two more borders.  Quilt shops watch out, the girl is on a roll! 
Always a hoot when Linda Lee comes to visit us at retreat.  You'd think they never get to see each other.....mother and daughter now live next door to each other.  Both are the winners for this sleeping arrangement!   Right Lenita? 
P.S.  Rhonda stopped in too, but narry a picture was taken!! 

Take a peek over Pat's shoulder.  Aren't these the best little mini Christmas trees?  A free pattern downloaded from a quilt if I only knew which one! 

News Flash:  Quilters Newsletter:  Christmas Flag Quilt

Paper-piecing designs all in a row. 


Dorothy is serious about applique design making with her light box. 

And here is just one of thirteen little owls with personality that will perch on the tree! Life's a Hoot.
Dorothy found at

The tree!

Lil kept hard at it and completed another Christmas quilt.

I've stopped counting how many Christmas wall hangings Lil's a bunch!

Mary finished her community service project.  A printed book on fabric....clever Mary made a quilt out of it! 

She also hand quilts!  So beautifully.  Another quilt ready to be delivered. 

and when Lynda isn't sitting around looking pretty!
 she's putting some finishing touches on this little Sun Bonnet Sue....just one of many to delight granddaughter, Hannan.  Hand embrodiery and applique!  Adorned with sweet. 

Christie is the best at concentrating on her sewing in spite of the noise level in the retreat room!
She has a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabric to sew together.  And  did you notice her vintage Singer? 

Arah drove over from Plano.....just couldn't miss out of the fun with sister, Dee. 

 and just couldn't believe all the goings on at the table across the aisle! 

but in spite of herself,  a lot of diagonal rows were sewn together to make this heart-stopping red and white.  Puss In The Corner quilt block.  How simple....but what a splash Arah's red and white fabric makes.   

 Dee's also trying to figure what's going on across the aisle!  To die for thirties fabric in her finished quilt top! 

This was Linda's first trip out and I think she'll give us a return visit.  How about it Linda? 
 With her Quilt n' Stitch project completed.  I want that Sew Ezi sewing table

Ethel's hands are putting the finishing touches on her community service project.  Some special child is going to be so happy.  I'm already feeling the hugs.  Aren't you Ethel?

Karla may just finish this one and get a prize when she does.  Keep sewing Karla.....your mystery quilt is looking good. 

and just whose sewing station is this? 

Madeleine must have opted for a nap while the camera was at its busiest....and Marty, well, I'm the one with the camera.  I think that's it.....fifteen happy campers
 dressed up for the occasion.....and what a party it was!  Ya'll come.  There's always room for one (or two) more.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Have Apron: Will Decorate

I wonder if Leonardi's Pizza Co. knew what would happen to all the aprons that were generously shared with the Piney Hills Quilters?   Don't they know quilters don't have a lot of time to cook. 

Did they know there would be a contest....with a winner (or three).  It happened.  The quilters met the challenge of what to do with their apron....the aprons were judged and while it was a tough decision, the top three was finally narrowed down.  Why three?   Because there were three gifts to be handed out.  Sounds logical to me. 

In no particular order, here is the parade of decorated aprons.  Now I'm ready for pizza pie! 

Isn't she the cutest quilting queen ever? 


She crossed her sweet heart and promised she decorated that apron but lost it in a quilt bin!  As we giggle at her ingenuity in trying to win top prize!  Nice try, Janie.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And The Mystery Was Solved for All who took the challenge!

Ginger McNeal....quilt not available!  and Lil Griffin presented us with a Sunshine Mystery 2012 Challenge.  A bunch of  chapter members made sunshine happen in solving this mystery month-by-month as the instructions were slowly doled out to us.  Stroll down and see how one quilt pattern can become so many different quilts.  It was fun....thanks to you both.

Drum Roll Please.................Mystery Quilts 2012 please enter stage right

Lil made hers large....very large, then added an additional border to make an even larger statement. 


Under the Eclectic and lovin' it category:

 Would the real quilter extraordinaire, Mary Canterbury, please peek from behind this delightful quilt.  Hot diggidity!

It must have been mental telepathy....otherwise, how would Lyndae Gilbert have known to use a mix of turquoise blue fabric to finish her stars!   Eye candy....YES! 

Janie Lowery is little but she's loud in putting together a delightful mix of scrappiness. Every color pops against her white background. What an exuberant combination of fabrics!

Christie McRight just couldn't resist bringing out the lime (as in put the lime in the coconut and shake it all up) to show off the deep blue border. Mystery solved to the delight of all.

Mary Wible used blue....with just a touch of other to keep the mystery in her quilt. 

Red, white, black....a little bit gray: by Linda Easterling

Christmas theme:  by Dee Baum

Closer view


Christmas theme:  by Pat Seager....a completed. 

and another thing: 


Christmas Theme:  by Renea Joiner

Renea is still in Wyoming (or is it Montana?)..... but brought her finished quilt top for the pleasure of our company when she was home in August. 

Theresa solved her mystery by using all oriental designed fabric. 

and here is a closer view of this lush fabric. 

My heart is filled with sunshine by Rhonda Smyth....a table topper. 
Not shown are Rhonda's place mats,
graciously shared with us by Lenita Smith who drove over for the day from Bossier City.


Batik and agony over the border by Dorothy Williams.


Not pictured but much the same was Madeleine Walker's batik agony!   Dorothy and Madeleine threw all their batik fabric  into the fabric melting pot to get a huge variety in their quilts....sharing, now that's a good thing! 

Batik and outside the box by Marty Mason.