Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Community Service

Four more baby quilts are ready to be delivered: 

and today a huge box of fabric was donated....can't wait to get this sorted and washed, pressed, and cut.....ready to stitch into a warm bundle for a sweet tyke. 

The Piney Hills Quilters do a remarkable amount of community service and they make it fun and they make it easy. When fabric is donated, a dedicated group cleans it up then cuts the smaller pieces of fabric into 6" square blocks. No matter the color, no matter the pattern - they find other donated fabrics that will coordinate. Fifty six of these color coordinated blocks will make a baby quilt 7 blocks wide and 8 blocks long. Now the icing on the cake....The guild purchases the batting for these quilts and the blocks, batting (cut to size), donated fabric for backing is kitted up in a zip bag, ready for members to take home each month.    Fifty six blocks will make a 40" by 46" quilt top, so at this size, the quilting is easy.   You see, there's no reason not to be a part of the community and this guild is making it happen. 

Now, scroll back to the top picture and look closely at the coordinated blocks.  While I'll be the first to admit to loving those color coordinated Moda Charm Packs, I'll have to say that finding a way to put these blocks together gives me a real feel-good feeling. 


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