Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now, how easy is that? Not just another 9-patch:

It's a 9-Patchtastic Quilt:  And Monica Solorio-Snow of  Happy Zombie and Moda Bake Shop made it that way!

I think it's pretty patchtastic myself!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Need another project....don't you?

I thought so:  I have a neatnik in my house who likes everything in it's place and if things are meant to be protected, then he likes them protected.  For example shoes, whether in the closet floor or closet shelf or in his luggage about to be off to see the hot air balloons in Albuquerque or the blue's fest in Memphis......he likes them protected.  And protected shoes protect white shirts and silk scarfs too!

So, with this thought in mind, I set about and found the perfect project for my "I need another project" folder.   Here's the perfect shoe tote pattern  a PDF to cover large or small shoes from Ghee's.   Linda McGehee....the master at artistic zipper creations, the bag lady perfectionaire the teacher extraordinaire, has delivered a most unique shoe tote.   So sew easy....thanks Linda. 

You'll have to click on the shoe tote pattern link to print or download....but here are a couple of shots of pretty shoes that may need protected when off the street.  You see, I think every blog post should have a picture:

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Load Up on Free Patterns

A beauty:  Outside the Block:  a quilt pattern by Corey Yoder aka Little Miss Shabby:  and it's free!  Corey used the P&B Textiles Color Weave fabric collection. 

P.S.:  the picture isn't blurred when you get over to the P&B Textiles page to download the free pattern....I promise! 

Hope you enjoy this free pattern....but wait, there's even more.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's get THIS GUILD on the map!

Quilt Guild Directory:  Are we there yet?

I wish I could......however: 

Please note: ONLY members of the Guild's Executive should add their guild to the directory. If you are not a member of the Guild's Executive, acting on behalf of the Guild, please do not submit your Guild's information. Instead, send them an email telling them about the Directory so that they can add your Guild.

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Weekly Themed Quilt Contests

Take a few minutes to enjoy and get connected with other quilt guilds and quilters through their blogs.  A huge resource at our fingertips.

But now, it's time to vote for your favorite memory quilt.  Up to four votes can be cast this week in the Memory Quilts contest.   Great quilts, wonderful memories.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Patterns: Sailboats

Free Pattern Day:  Sailboats - check out all the free quilt and block patterns compliments of

For Example
here's Jodi G Warner's Toy Boat Regatta

Need more inspiration 
How cute is this Fairy Tale Sailboats quilt by Penny Layman

Happy Sailing

and when you have yours all stitched up, send me a picture and we'll have a sailboat picture party

Thank you Quilt Inspiration for these delightful quilt patterns

Just CLUTCH it!

Too good not to share:  Specifically this natural dyed zip clutch featured in Karyn's Make Something blog.    Karyn used her natural dyed fabric and made her clutch over sized - just right for a day trip - but the beauty of this easy to do clutch is that it's perfect in any size, any fabric.  Just imagine a bejeweled little ditty for a night at the symphony.

Now that you've visited the zip clutch page, you may want to revisit Make Something from current date and scroll to be inspired by all of her projects.  Like her natural dyeing class or her shop....simply called - the workroom where you can sew and craft by the hour, take classes, browse and shop.  Sure, Toronto, Canada, is just a wee bit too far to travel from Louisiana to sit and sew for an hour, but isn't this a fun way to visit. 

Save Gasoline
  Imagine The Possibilities
Be Inspired