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SeamedUP: Future Quiltmaking: Guesses and Reality - Guest Po...

SeamedUP: Future Quiltmaking: Guesses and Reality - Guest Po...: The following is a guest blog post by Jaye, aka JLapac , of ArtQuiltMaker .  Jaye has also been a guest host on the SeamedUP podcast . ...

Interesting reading:    Here are a few exercpts from Jaye's post that were of particular interest to me:

"I am beginning to see people who have not quilted for very long challenging themselves beyond the square. The Single Girl pattern by Denyse Schmidt is an example, and it garnered a lot of attention."

"I am excited to see people trying curves and odd shapes, using templates, and generally moving beyond their rotary cutter comfort zone."

"Quilt Industry

The quilt industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and corporate America has started to take note. We will continue to see a contraction in the diversity of ownership of quiltmaking companies. Many women have created successful small businesses that are being sold to private equity firms. Fons & Porter is an example.I believe that companies such as New Track Media and Creative Crafts Group, which are just two of the organizations that have bought up prime quiltmaking businesses, will continue to seek out successful brands and products to add to their suite of quiltmaking properties. As a result of this trend to conglomeration, we will see customer service suffer. Already, anything more complex than simple questions about patterns cannot be answered within the New Track Media Group. "


The classic guild model will begin to suffer. Quiltmakers will continue to segregate themselves by age, style of quilting and online vs in person, online vs. not online, day vs. night meetings. While some of these issues are not new, they will become more important as established guilds have to contend with an aging membership and fewer young members. As a result we will see some of the larger guild-based shows stop or lessen and more online shows take their place. Also, established guilds will experience a decline in membership while guilds with a heavy online/social media presence will stay constant and, perhaps, increase."

"Social Media

Quiltmaking companies have, thus far, mostly ignored podcasters, but that will change as companies see the effects of podcast comments and will begin to acknowledge their reach and influence."

"The Internet
As you all probably guessed, the Internet as a quiltmaking tool is here to stay. While the catalog of free videos, such as tutorials and how-tos, expands, the difference will become that people will begin to realize that not everything for quiltmaking is on the Internet and that quiltmaking existed before the Internet. They will delve into older books and magazines for something “new and fresh.”

I hope you read the entire article....and click on the links that Jaye has given us.  Much food for thought.   Jaye is quick to say that she is not a futurist, but based on her experience and what she is seeing, she feels pretty confident that her guess-timates are right on.  I agree! 

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