Sunday, April 22, 2012

Post Quilt Retreat!

It has been very busy at our house since I returned from the Seeker Springs Quilting Retreat.  Everyone had a great time at retreat and here our a few pictures of those who attended retreat.  Mary, Charlotte and Ginger took time out from sewing their blocks to pose for a picture.  Lil deciding on borders for a quilt, Karla working away on her mystery quilt and a picture quilt that Linda Easterling is working on.  We all love Linda's quilt, but decided it may be a little more adventrous then most of want to tackle. 


  1. Love these pictures....I can see that everyone has a fan, iron, big drinks and scissors around their neck! I missed the fun.

  2. hope to see everyone in october, missing the quilting fellowship we have. See ya then