Monday, April 2, 2012

Pattern Copyrights:

Thank you, Karen, for your comment in the previous post and  for pointing me/us to this very informative website:  an extensive conversation on pattern copyrights.  Information we as crafters and quilters need to know. As a blogger and website owner and  Etsy shop owner, I try to be very careful about the credit I give to the pattern designer....this definitely clears the air for me on issues I have been concerned about.    The copyright hoarders could even try to put the work of you long-arm quilters in jeopardy! 

I hope this benefits NLQG members and hope further that if you blog,  Facebook, Twitter, etc.  that you  pass this information on.  

A blog post isn't a blog post without a picture (she says): 

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day....a photoshop opportunity

.....a combination of these two pictures.  That's just how easily the most obvious things can be altered and obliterated!

Dorothy Williams' painted fabric
A winter skyline...Squire Creek, Choudrant, LA

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