Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's still a mystery to me!

This is the second month of the North Louisiana Quilters Guild (Sunshine Chapter) mystery quilt along.....and it's still a mystery to me! 

I decided since there were quite a few batik fabrics in my stash that were begging to be cut and sewn, that I would try them as my mystery quilt fabric of choice.  Not sure yet if that was a good choice, and probably won't be able to decide until this darn mystery is solved.  Mystery quilts are a love/hate relationship for me.

On the hate side of the slash mark:

(1)  I like to have a notion about what it is I'm working toward.  What if I don't like the quilt design.
(2)  Mystery quilt instructions have to followed to the T.  Patterns can't be tweaked. 
(3)  Hard, really hard to select fabric when you can't see the pattern....really have to work blindfolded at this point. 
(3)  I can safely say that I never precut all my fabric for a quilt.  Mystery quilts most often require precuts.   (I know....never says never)
(4)  I don't always enjoy making a quilt from the same quilt pattern that 20 something other people in my group are using.  
 (5) Instructions are dolled out slow inch by slow inch as each month goes by....and it takes months to complete a project. 
Are those reasons enough to have a hate relationship with a mystery quilt.

Now, for the love side of the slash: 
1.  I do love surprises.
2.  If I don't really care for a quilt, I  donate!  Someone else may love it to death. 
3.  It's nice not to have to make a quilt decision.  The lazy side of me loves this...just follow someone else's instructions and keep quiet! 
4.  It's nice to get all the cutting done and over with.
5.  Within the framework of the hints given for fabric selection, you have quite the freedom to use what's in your stash that you've been wanting to use but didn't know quite how. 
6.  Yes, while we are all using the same quilt pattern, we all use different fabrics, which gives each of us a completely different quilt! 
 7.  It's nice to have an ongoing project where you don't feel the pressure to complete in a day.  Other projects are easily worked in!  Love this! 

The instructions were simple - make 12 (6 for lap size) 16 patch blocks using the dark and medium 2" squares. 

And away we sew....2 by 2, 4 by 4= 16

Six 16 patch blocks are completed....but man, this is still a mystery to me!

 Go to our Facebook Docs  Month 1 to get the fabric yardage and cutting instructions. 


  1. I have a feeling it is going to make a really pretty quilt and you are going to love it. You can't go wrong with batiks.

  2. Thanks for that vote of confidence!

  3. Excellent choice. You are sure to like the outcome.

  4. I decided to use Christmas fabric. my daughter doesn't have a Christmas quilt.
    A mistake I made on a couple mysteries is lack of contrast so I make sure to use darks that will show up against the background. enjoying To Kill A Mockingbird again.

  5. I'm glad you posted I know what the first instrucitons are.......:-)

    See you all tomorrow!

  6. Now if I could just learn to type! Ha..........