Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspirational Time at Sunshine

What beautiful quilts the ladies from Bastrop brought to show at the Sunshine Chapter Meeting on Thursday. Thanks ladies.

Cotton Country Quilters:  There's always a story!

Glenda Worley

These are the signed blocks from guild members that Glenda received when she was president of the guild. 

PJ Jones

PJ says there is fabric in this quilt that was originally intended to be a mini-skirt! 
You did the right thing PJ.....

A nod to PJ's rebel heritage

PJ says when she gets warm in our Louisiana heat, she just fans this winter quilt to cool down.

PJ will have to tell you this story about a former Bastrop resident....where does one get inspiration? 

Jeanne Thornton

The lovely Miss Jeanne does everything by hand. stitch at a time

Jeanne says she made this  replica of an entry into an international quilt show because it won  the quilter an astounding  $10,000 prize. 

Marianne Lively:

Marianne likes purple, lavender, mauve,  periwinkle.....

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam....a family tree.  Is this three or four generations? 
I think it is the parents....their three children, the children of the children, and their children!'s a numbers game

Arlene Sumner:

Block Sampler

A "mile a minute" quilt

Dorothy Brown:

Jacob's Ladder

Dorothy made this quilt from grand daughter's t-shirts accumulated while in college. 

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  1. Thank you for posting pics of my Bastrop friends!! I really enjoy seeing what they have been up to since I moved.