Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are you a copyright infringer?

Leah told me it was okay to use this picture of her free-motion quilting samples:  So, make a note of copyright infringement!!

But, the copyright terrorism conversation continues. See Leah's thoughts on this hot topic here at The Free Motion Quilting Project.   I think she's making a lot of sense out of all this hullabaloo!  And....I love her generosity in sharing her free-motion quilt designs with the world.  But, then, as Leah says,  it's just thread stitched on fabric in different configurations! 

Am I a copyright infringer?   You see, I take my camera with me (almost) everywhere I go - even to quilt shops, quilt shows, quilt retreats, museums, art shows, and even when I window shop.  If I see something that interests me, I snap a picture.

this art quilt was hanging on a wall in a shop in Paducah...sorry quilter, but I don't know your name....I don't even remember the name of the shop. While I haven't tried to duplicate this quilt, it did inspire me to make this one. 

 I called this one "Knee Britches"

 If I open a quilt book and see a quilt I like, I snap a picture.  If I'm in a quilt shop and see a quilt on the wall that I like, I snap a picture.  I snap pictures of bolts of fabric.  And I snap pictures of flowers and trees!   So, when I bring my camera home and dump all those pictures and decide I want to make a quilt just like 'that one', am I copyright infringing?

I'm rationalizing here, but I don't think so!  I don't have a pattern and,  as a rule, I don't have the same fabric.  But, I could be a copyright infringer.  Oh horrors!  The copyright terrorist are ringing my doorbell! 

Do you share patterns and magazines and ideas?  Are you a copyright infringer when you do so?  You do know that when you share you are cheating the pattern designers and publishers!  You do know that, don't you? 

Share your thoughts.....this is food for thought! 

This wall hanging is a Marty Mason original design....but you may copy it! 


  1. I have taken pictures of bench seats in Mexican restaurants, floor tiles and ceiling tiles in different places and carpet designs-----no, i would not call that a violation of copyright laws. But, on the other hand, that belongs to someone else. IT'S THERE! I do have a pattern that was passed down to me that someone else designed and created a quilt from. Somehow i will need to give that lady credit, but i dont know her name. I understand that if you use a design created by someone else and you then SELL finished product, THEN you are in violation. Actually got this from " the horse's mouth." Is that plagiarism?

    1. Oh, Lyndae....for shame! for shame! Probably in some eyes, you are guilty on both counts. I sometimes read on patterns that up to 25 can be mass produced and sold. Isn't that a hoot! I've often wondered who counts...I certainly don't. You just may want to put a for sale sign in your yard 'cause when the terrorist knocks on my door, I'll now know where to send them!

    2. This IS a hot topic! Have you ever visited the Tabberone website? This is the site of a lady who has gone to court to protect her rights...AND she has never lost in court! She says that copyright, in the case of sewing/quilt patterns, is intended to protect the actual printed instructions for a pattern...NOT the articles made from the pattern. It is more than a little ridiculous to accept that ANYONE can tell you what you may or may not do with your own sewn article. We quilters are usually so conscientious...We sure do not want to break the law! Still, take a look at her website...I think you will like it! Karen in Columbia

    3. Great information Karen....thank you...thank you!