Saturday, April 28, 2012

Now here's a novel idea.....

Instead of sewing up a quilt....why not paint one!  Now wouldn't that be a fun challenge for a quilt guild?  Want some inspiration, I found this slideshow at

Here's all you need: 
  •  1/4"  plywood cut to the size you'd like your finished sign to be
  •  white primer
  • assorted acrylic paints
  •  paint brushes
  • pencil and ruler
  • blue painter's tape
  • exacto knife
  • waterproof sealer to protect your work of art if it's to be hung outside
  • your choice of hanging device:  d-rings  would work well
I must be having a senior moment....'cause I'm seeing visions of hundreds of quilt boards on our houses and banks and drug stores all over town advertising a quilt show!

Or a more simple painted board

Source:  Midwest Living
LeMoyne Stars in Adams County, Ohio

Need more inspiration.....get it here from Barn Quilt Info and Humboldt County, Iowa barn quilts you get the painted picture? 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"You Zig I'll Zag" quilt

Reblogged from Marty's Fiber Musings-

Yes, Ginger, I finally got one made....and love it.  I hope you'll get a picture of yours and post it here too. (call me and we'll get it posted when you are ready).   This is just a great way to have a  smashing-de-stashing good time! 

I found Ginger's Zig Zag quilt...pre-borders. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Post Quilt Retreat!

It has been very busy at our house since I returned from the Seeker Springs Quilting Retreat.  Everyone had a great time at retreat and here our a few pictures of those who attended retreat.  Mary, Charlotte and Ginger took time out from sewing their blocks to pose for a picture.  Lil deciding on borders for a quilt, Karla working away on her mystery quilt and a picture quilt that Linda Easterling is working on.  We all love Linda's quilt, but decided it may be a little more adventrous then most of want to tackle. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

In, Out and About

Just a quick post:  I visited with the quilters at Piney Hills Quilt Guild in Ruston yesterday and what a treat that was. 

Shellie Blake, manager of The Fabric Shop was the guest speaker and WoW....did she have a lot to tease us with.   More than the fat quarters and jelly rolls and charm packs and quilt kits (and there was plenty of that eye-candy)

but it was also about aprons:  "My Girlfriends Breakfast Club"  by Kimberbell Designs....a free PDF pattern from You Can Make This.Com.  Thank you so much Kay for finding this pattern for us.  You are the greatest. 

 and E-Reader or I-Pod covers

and lots of other good stuff such as unique fabrics, patterns and thread! 

Piney Hills is gearing up for the upcoming Chicken Festival in Dubach
here's the proof of what's to come!

Marilyn....these are two darn cute chicken blocks.  Sorry Shirley....the camera blurred your little jewel of a chick!  Well, perhaps it wasn't the camera, but the person behind the camera that caused the blur. You'll have to make that decision yourself (but be kind). 

There was more show and tell.....much more.  But, guess what?  I've set us up a North Louisiana Quilters FLICKR photostream.  I've put the link on the sidebar to make the visit easy..... Go see and ask to join so you can add your pictures too.  If you don't already have a Flickr account, just set one's easy and it's free (up to a limit)!  What???? life does have it's limits and time is one of them, so I'm out of here.  Have a safe and happy weekend. 


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birmingham Quilt Show:

June 7 - 9, 2012........look at this array of teachers!  Host - Evening Star Quilt Guild

Elly Sienkiewicz
RaNae Merrill
Karen K Stone
Irena Bluhm
Dianne S. Hire
Terry White
Pat Sloan
Kim Brackett
Karen Linduska

Enjoy visiting each link to see the diverse talents of each teacher.  Must be a huge quilt a middle school campus!   Is this a possibility for NLQG to reduce the cost of the quilt show? 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Getting ready for Retreat

Getting projects ready to take to retreat at Seeker Springs. List of things to take are projects, sewing machine, needles, threads, etc. and oh yes, must take bedding, towels and wash cloths. Make-up - optional!

Love Finished Projects

"New Life" wallhanging from an original design by Anita Bradshaw. Purchased the pattern at the 2010 quilt show.

SeamedUP: Future Quiltmaking: Guesses and Reality - Guest Po...

SeamedUP: Future Quiltmaking: Guesses and Reality - Guest Po...: The following is a guest blog post by Jaye, aka JLapac , of ArtQuiltMaker .  Jaye has also been a guest host on the SeamedUP podcast . ...

Interesting reading:    Here are a few exercpts from Jaye's post that were of particular interest to me:

"I am beginning to see people who have not quilted for very long challenging themselves beyond the square. The Single Girl pattern by Denyse Schmidt is an example, and it garnered a lot of attention."

"I am excited to see people trying curves and odd shapes, using templates, and generally moving beyond their rotary cutter comfort zone."

"Quilt Industry

The quilt industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and corporate America has started to take note. We will continue to see a contraction in the diversity of ownership of quiltmaking companies. Many women have created successful small businesses that are being sold to private equity firms. Fons & Porter is an example.I believe that companies such as New Track Media and Creative Crafts Group, which are just two of the organizations that have bought up prime quiltmaking businesses, will continue to seek out successful brands and products to add to their suite of quiltmaking properties. As a result of this trend to conglomeration, we will see customer service suffer. Already, anything more complex than simple questions about patterns cannot be answered within the New Track Media Group. "


The classic guild model will begin to suffer. Quiltmakers will continue to segregate themselves by age, style of quilting and online vs in person, online vs. not online, day vs. night meetings. While some of these issues are not new, they will become more important as established guilds have to contend with an aging membership and fewer young members. As a result we will see some of the larger guild-based shows stop or lessen and more online shows take their place. Also, established guilds will experience a decline in membership while guilds with a heavy online/social media presence will stay constant and, perhaps, increase."

"Social Media

Quiltmaking companies have, thus far, mostly ignored podcasters, but that will change as companies see the effects of podcast comments and will begin to acknowledge their reach and influence."

"The Internet
As you all probably guessed, the Internet as a quiltmaking tool is here to stay. While the catalog of free videos, such as tutorials and how-tos, expands, the difference will become that people will begin to realize that not everything for quiltmaking is on the Internet and that quiltmaking existed before the Internet. They will delve into older books and magazines for something “new and fresh.”

I hope you read the entire article....and click on the links that Jaye has given us.  Much food for thought.   Jaye is quick to say that she is not a futurist, but based on her experience and what she is seeing, she feels pretty confident that her guess-timates are right on.  I agree! 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Special Easter Sunday

Hoping that everyone had a great Easter. Ladies from Bayou Oaks Baptist Church met at Lil Griffin's house for breakfast and Sunday School today. Looks like Dianne Springer left an impression on Lil.  Her kitchen table was adorned with placemats made from Dianne's Scrapolator book and the den sofa was covered with a lap size quilt and matching pillows. After breakfast we moved to her patio for the Sunday School lesson on the bayou.  A special Easter, indeed.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

It's still a mystery to me!

This is the second month of the North Louisiana Quilters Guild (Sunshine Chapter) mystery quilt along.....and it's still a mystery to me! 

I decided since there were quite a few batik fabrics in my stash that were begging to be cut and sewn, that I would try them as my mystery quilt fabric of choice.  Not sure yet if that was a good choice, and probably won't be able to decide until this darn mystery is solved.  Mystery quilts are a love/hate relationship for me.

On the hate side of the slash mark:

(1)  I like to have a notion about what it is I'm working toward.  What if I don't like the quilt design.
(2)  Mystery quilt instructions have to followed to the T.  Patterns can't be tweaked. 
(3)  Hard, really hard to select fabric when you can't see the pattern....really have to work blindfolded at this point. 
(3)  I can safely say that I never precut all my fabric for a quilt.  Mystery quilts most often require precuts.   (I know....never says never)
(4)  I don't always enjoy making a quilt from the same quilt pattern that 20 something other people in my group are using.  
 (5) Instructions are dolled out slow inch by slow inch as each month goes by....and it takes months to complete a project. 
Are those reasons enough to have a hate relationship with a mystery quilt.

Now, for the love side of the slash: 
1.  I do love surprises.
2.  If I don't really care for a quilt, I  donate!  Someone else may love it to death. 
3.  It's nice not to have to make a quilt decision.  The lazy side of me loves this...just follow someone else's instructions and keep quiet! 
4.  It's nice to get all the cutting done and over with.
5.  Within the framework of the hints given for fabric selection, you have quite the freedom to use what's in your stash that you've been wanting to use but didn't know quite how. 
6.  Yes, while we are all using the same quilt pattern, we all use different fabrics, which gives each of us a completely different quilt! 
 7.  It's nice to have an ongoing project where you don't feel the pressure to complete in a day.  Other projects are easily worked in!  Love this! 

The instructions were simple - make 12 (6 for lap size) 16 patch blocks using the dark and medium 2" squares. 

And away we sew....2 by 2, 4 by 4= 16

Six 16 patch blocks are completed....but man, this is still a mystery to me!

 Go to our Facebook Docs  Month 1 to get the fabric yardage and cutting instructions. 

Friday, April 6, 2012

Inspirational Time at Sunshine

What beautiful quilts the ladies from Bastrop brought to show at the Sunshine Chapter Meeting on Thursday. Thanks ladies.

Cotton Country Quilters:  There's always a story!

Glenda Worley

These are the signed blocks from guild members that Glenda received when she was president of the guild. 

PJ Jones

PJ says there is fabric in this quilt that was originally intended to be a mini-skirt! 
You did the right thing PJ.....

A nod to PJ's rebel heritage

PJ says when she gets warm in our Louisiana heat, she just fans this winter quilt to cool down.

PJ will have to tell you this story about a former Bastrop resident....where does one get inspiration? 

Jeanne Thornton

The lovely Miss Jeanne does everything by hand. stitch at a time

Jeanne says she made this  replica of an entry into an international quilt show because it won  the quilter an astounding  $10,000 prize. 

Marianne Lively:

Marianne likes purple, lavender, mauve,  periwinkle.....

Sunbonnet Sue and Sam....a family tree.  Is this three or four generations? 
I think it is the parents....their three children, the children of the children, and their children!'s a numbers game

Arlene Sumner:

Block Sampler

A "mile a minute" quilt

Dorothy Brown:

Jacob's Ladder

Dorothy made this quilt from grand daughter's t-shirts accumulated while in college. 

Trunk Show at Moonlight's Meeting

Last night Kathy Huff brought her steamer trunk containing over 60 unfinished projects to the Moonlight meeting... Does anyone finish all their projects? We lauged as she gave good reasons why some projects were unfinished and why they were worthy of keeping. Susan Wible offered to finish them, but Kathy would not let go of even one! Kathy challenged us to finish at least two of these projects by year end.  Thanks for a wonderful and entertaining program. Perhaps Susanne Walker can e-mail pictures to me to post on NLQG's blog.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Follow Share Love

so, thanks for following along with us on our new (ish) blog.  It is definitely a work in progress so all your comments, hints and suggestions are welcome. 

Once upon a time I was told that one doesn't really learn what sharing is all about until one has children!   So, since I'm the one who never had children,  I've had to learn the art of sharing all by myself.  It's been a lonely trip, but I've loved every step of my sharing journey. 

I've shared the Sew, Mama, Sew!  tutorials with you before, but want to share more of her 'shares'. 

Here is one of my all time favorite quilt patterns  Shoo-Fly, except Malka Dubrawsky aka A Stitch In Dye,  supersized this baby....then told Sew, Mama, Sew! to share the pattern in a tutorial.    Woot Woot.....a supersized Shoo-Fly toot.  Follow these two links and enjoy. 

I've only made two supersized shoo-fly quilts to date.  Here's one of them

I know I have a picture of the other one,  but......AND  as soon as I get another one made, will share that with you.  How about you?  Are you ready to share?  Let's see those comments and pictures.  It's okay to share them on the North Louisiana Quilters Guild Facebook page.   Just click facebook on the sidebar!  It's so easy to share. 

Just give me a little more time and I'll have us a Flickr group set up!  Are you in?  Hump day is almost over and I'm off to get a hair cut!  

Monday, April 2, 2012

When Bonnie Hunter posts....I enjoy (or laugh out loud)

Here's just a hint of what we can expect from Bonnie Hunter: national quilt teacher 2013....2013 will be here sooner than we think and we'll all be another year take heed if you are a texter! 

This is definitely a FYI post:

Follow Bonnie daily at Quiltville's Quips and Snips  (on the sidebar too) 

And....finally...Leah says it best

Leah Day:  On the topic of copyright.  She's giving all her free motion quilting designs free works

I love this blogger and her inspiration and her attitude!  I also love Jeanette Rolen's  hand dyed fabric with free motion quilting!   All good things should be shared. 

Pattern Copyrights:

Thank you, Karen, for your comment in the previous post and  for pointing me/us to this very informative website:  an extensive conversation on pattern copyrights.  Information we as crafters and quilters need to know. As a blogger and website owner and  Etsy shop owner, I try to be very careful about the credit I give to the pattern designer....this definitely clears the air for me on issues I have been concerned about.    The copyright hoarders could even try to put the work of you long-arm quilters in jeopardy! 

I hope this benefits NLQG members and hope further that if you blog,  Facebook, Twitter, etc.  that you  pass this information on.  

A blog post isn't a blog post without a picture (she says): 

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day....a photoshop opportunity

.....a combination of these two pictures.  That's just how easily the most obvious things can be altered and obliterated!

Dorothy Williams' painted fabric
A winter skyline...Squire Creek, Choudrant, LA

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are you a copyright infringer?

Leah told me it was okay to use this picture of her free-motion quilting samples:  So, make a note of copyright infringement!!

But, the copyright terrorism conversation continues. See Leah's thoughts on this hot topic here at The Free Motion Quilting Project.   I think she's making a lot of sense out of all this hullabaloo!  And....I love her generosity in sharing her free-motion quilt designs with the world.  But, then, as Leah says,  it's just thread stitched on fabric in different configurations! 

Am I a copyright infringer?   You see, I take my camera with me (almost) everywhere I go - even to quilt shops, quilt shows, quilt retreats, museums, art shows, and even when I window shop.  If I see something that interests me, I snap a picture.

this art quilt was hanging on a wall in a shop in Paducah...sorry quilter, but I don't know your name....I don't even remember the name of the shop. While I haven't tried to duplicate this quilt, it did inspire me to make this one. 

 I called this one "Knee Britches"

 If I open a quilt book and see a quilt I like, I snap a picture.  If I'm in a quilt shop and see a quilt on the wall that I like, I snap a picture.  I snap pictures of bolts of fabric.  And I snap pictures of flowers and trees!   So, when I bring my camera home and dump all those pictures and decide I want to make a quilt just like 'that one', am I copyright infringing?

I'm rationalizing here, but I don't think so!  I don't have a pattern and,  as a rule, I don't have the same fabric.  But, I could be a copyright infringer.  Oh horrors!  The copyright terrorist are ringing my doorbell! 

Do you share patterns and magazines and ideas?  Are you a copyright infringer when you do so?  You do know that when you share you are cheating the pattern designers and publishers!  You do know that, don't you? 

Share your thoughts.....this is food for thought! 

This wall hanging is a Marty Mason original design....but you may copy it!