Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharing the Quilt Guild Wealth: Piney Hills

I killed two birds with one road trip this morning.....visited the Piney Hills Quilt Guild meeting then stopped by Hannah's Quilt Shop as I made my way back to Monroe.

What a treat to see friends and make new ones this morning.  They had a great program:  Gloria via PC Embroidery & Cottage Quilts came over from Shreveport and shared great quilt samplers using the double diamond ruler. 

Sew fun!

close up with less blur. Gloria chose to blanket stitch around each diamond, but she says the pattern doesn't require this....a straight stitch or decorative stitch right down the middle of the diamonds is all that is required and give a more three-dimensional effect. She did have samples which I really liked.

And next was her quilt made using the ruler, curves for squares. Yep...there is also a ruler, curves for rectangles. Just about time I've seen (and bought) every ruler out there! If you are a half-square triangle addict as I am, then this ruler is a must-have! 

Gloria just came off a quilting cruise. Here is her color play quilt she made in a Christine Porter class while on board. Gloria also had samples of quilts made in workshops by Karen Kay Buckley and Mary Lou Weidman.  Way to quilt....way to travel!

And the Piney Hills show and tells were eye candy....for sure.  Here is Virginia Hughes' cube wall hanging (ready for quilting.....and Virginia is a longarm quilter and she quilts for the public.)

 Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming Peach Festival Raffle Quilt that Virginia quilted.

 notice the yellow yo-yo flower centers

 Jean Constantina's Christmas stocking and Judy Ward's crib quilt

Judy made this quilt for her father's 90th birthday next month.
I know the photographer doesn't get paid enough, but I sure wish she had gotten a little closer so we could see the family pictures printed on fabric that Judy incorporated in her father's memory quilt!  Jeezeeeeee...........

Debbie Robicheau made this handsome vest purchase from the Just Jennifer booth at Cotton Corner 2012 quilt show. 

My sincerest apology to the maker of this show and tell.  I did not get her name.  But this story is delightful.  Her granddaughter an early age made a lemonade recipe and presented it to her grandmother......years go by and grandmother found and completed a stack of lemons cross stitch....had Victoria's original recipe and the cross stitch framed.  The recipe is to enlarge the picture and you can read her wonderful child ramblings and mis-spellings.    What a treasure! 

Oh, there was more....much more, so if you get a chance to visit this group of vibrant, busy ladies, do so.....they meet the second Thursday each month at 9:30 a.m. at the Methodist Chruch on Hwy. 167 North toward Dubach - about 3 miles from I-20.


  1. I love your quilts! Is there a full sized photo of the Peach Festival Raffle Quilt that Virginia quilted? It is drop dead beautiful!

    1. Thank you Anita....I will do my darndest to find out the quilt pattern the Piney Hills Quilt Guild used for the Peach Festival raffle quilt. It was a beauty. When I do, I will email you. Again thank you and thanks for your visit.

  2. Miss Marty, Any luck on the pattern? I very much want to duplicate this for my next project. Of the thousands of quilts I have looked at to pick my next project, I just keep coming back to this quilt. It is, by far, my favorite. Would anyone be able to contact Miss Virginia and see if she knows what pattern and please see if anyone can find a full size photo of it. I am anxious to see that! Thank you so much for checking on this for me, I very much appreciate it.