Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ruffles are for big girls too!

When I opened my email this morning, a City Craft Newsletter surprise awaited me.......ruffle fabric is on sale at 40% off through the weekend.

I know Arah will be moving Friday....just wondering if just maybe her movers would stop the 18-wheeler long enough so she could drop in and get me some of this delish. But the store is just over there on Lovers Lane!  No, then I can order on line.....City Craft told me so.  You see, I read it on their blog

I see purple for Theresa and there's blue for for Susanne....Lil's green and I'll grab that orange. 

and here is a great tutorial from V and Co.: how to make the perfect ruffle carry all tote just in time for another beautiful spring day.  

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