Friday, March 16, 2012

Can Do:

I changed the blog image a bit today....using one of Jeanette Rolen's quilts:  Louisiana Medallion.  Can you see that our new banner is the border of Jeanette's quilt?  This quilt was one of my favorites displayed at the Cotton Corner 2012 Quilt Show.  I continue to be amazed at Jeannette's quilting talents....from her quilt design to color choices, piecing and applique and her hand quilting...oh my! 
Jeannette took top billing as feature quilter 2012 and she did us proud. 

It's a beautiful spring day...hope you all enjoy a Louisiana style weekend. 


  1. Love the change. Jeanette's quilt was the perfect choice.

    1. Thanks Ethel....I thought so too. Was hard to choose though, all of hers were eye candy.

  2. Beautiful Quilt... the colors are so perfect for spring!