Thursday, March 22, 2012

and to the finish line ~

This little baby bunny has been around the block.....a time or two.  Hippity Hoppity....CASA here I come ~

the infamous 'corner' at the North Louisiana Quilt Guild Cotton Corner Quilt Show is one of the most ridiculously fun places to shop.....but it only opens once every two years! 
 So those of us who love to get the best bargain in the store always gets there early.  As was the case here.....I'm not sure who the wonderful quilter was who first made the quilted baby bunny and pieced this quilt top....but it they both are just fun.  And then again, I'm not sure which wonderful quilter snatched up these little beauties to complete.  What I do know is that Lenita has had her hands on them, which were then  passed down to Dorothy, who ultimately decided I could do it! 

So with donated batting and quilt backing in hand, and without further ado, I put the sewing machine on full heat and got it quilted and bound, washed and dried yesterday.  (The bunny was already completed....he just was along for the ride).  CASA here we come.   Yes, it benefits the children when each and every one of us contributes.  But I was the one who had the most ridiculous amount of fun!  Notice the quilting pattern.....I saw it in one of Lil's quilts and decided that if she could do it, then I could too.

Thanks unknown quilter who donated the unfinished work, and thank you Cotton Corner for the great prices, thanks Lenita and Dorothy for the donated batting and backing and for passing it all to me and hugs to you too Lil. 


  1. Really cute! Lil gets things done and keeps us all amazed

  2. Good for you for finishing it. Some child will be blessed!