Thursday, March 29, 2012

Raw Edge Circle Quilt: via Cluck Cluck Sew

Thanks to Cluck Cluck Sew.....we have this great tutorial to make the raw edge circle quilt.  A great use of scraps....she used 40 fabrics in hers......Yes!   .......and be sure to visit Allison's blog and tell her thanks so much for the fun. 

Super Sized 9-Patch: via Anita G. Solomon

Anita Grossman Solomon's Super Sized 9-Patch link to download the readable PDF.   The perfect  baby quilt pattern for our community service projects.  Three yards of non-directional fabric will make 3 baby quilts such as the ones in this picture.  YES, we can! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

and to the finish line ~

This little baby bunny has been around the block.....a time or two.  Hippity Hoppity....CASA here I come ~

the infamous 'corner' at the North Louisiana Quilt Guild Cotton Corner Quilt Show is one of the most ridiculously fun places to shop.....but it only opens once every two years! 
 So those of us who love to get the best bargain in the store always gets there early.  As was the case here.....I'm not sure who the wonderful quilter was who first made the quilted baby bunny and pieced this quilt top....but it they both are just fun.  And then again, I'm not sure which wonderful quilter snatched up these little beauties to complete.  What I do know is that Lenita has had her hands on them, which were then  passed down to Dorothy, who ultimately decided I could do it! 

So with donated batting and quilt backing in hand, and without further ado, I put the sewing machine on full heat and got it quilted and bound, washed and dried yesterday.  (The bunny was already completed....he just was along for the ride).  CASA here we come.   Yes, it benefits the children when each and every one of us contributes.  But I was the one who had the most ridiculous amount of fun!  Notice the quilting pattern.....I saw it in one of Lil's quilts and decided that if she could do it, then I could too.

Thanks unknown quilter who donated the unfinished work, and thank you Cotton Corner for the great prices, thanks Lenita and Dorothy for the donated batting and backing and for passing it all to me and hugs to you too Lil. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ruffles are for big girls too!

When I opened my email this morning, a City Craft Newsletter surprise awaited me.......ruffle fabric is on sale at 40% off through the weekend.

I know Arah will be moving Friday....just wondering if just maybe her movers would stop the 18-wheeler long enough so she could drop in and get me some of this delish. But the store is just over there on Lovers Lane!  No, then I can order on line.....City Craft told me so.  You see, I read it on their blog

I see purple for Theresa and there's blue for for Susanne....Lil's green and I'll grab that orange. 

and here is a great tutorial from V and Co.: how to make the perfect ruffle carry all tote just in time for another beautiful spring day.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can you be happy and sad at the same time?

Tuesday Bees is so excited that Arah is moving to Texas to be near her children and grandchildren.....but the excitement ends there.  We enjoy her company and her friendship, we enjoy that she's been such an active part of our quilting world and we want her to stay with us.  But despite our mixed emotions, the Bees swarmed today.....we threw a pizza and dessert party to give her a huge we-love-you send off. 

Madeleine and Mary were the last to arrive

Arah, after coffee and dessert, listening to the on-going conversation(s) at Lil's beautiful table. 

The Bees swarmed today and didn't want the party to end.   We will miss our dear friend but wish her the very best as she turns to the next page. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Can Do:

I changed the blog image a bit today....using one of Jeanette Rolen's quilts:  Louisiana Medallion.  Can you see that our new banner is the border of Jeanette's quilt?  This quilt was one of my favorites displayed at the Cotton Corner 2012 Quilt Show.  I continue to be amazed at Jeannette's quilting talents....from her quilt design to color choices, piecing and applique and her hand quilting...oh my! 
Jeannette took top billing as feature quilter 2012 and she did us proud. 

It's a beautiful spring day...hope you all enjoy a Louisiana style weekend. 

Quilted Camera Strap Cover

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sharing the Quilt Guild Wealth: Piney Hills

I killed two birds with one road trip this morning.....visited the Piney Hills Quilt Guild meeting then stopped by Hannah's Quilt Shop as I made my way back to Monroe.

What a treat to see friends and make new ones this morning.  They had a great program:  Gloria via PC Embroidery & Cottage Quilts came over from Shreveport and shared great quilt samplers using the double diamond ruler. 

Sew fun!

close up with less blur. Gloria chose to blanket stitch around each diamond, but she says the pattern doesn't require this....a straight stitch or decorative stitch right down the middle of the diamonds is all that is required and give a more three-dimensional effect. She did have samples which I really liked.

And next was her quilt made using the ruler, curves for squares. Yep...there is also a ruler, curves for rectangles. Just about time I've seen (and bought) every ruler out there! If you are a half-square triangle addict as I am, then this ruler is a must-have! 

Gloria just came off a quilting cruise. Here is her color play quilt she made in a Christine Porter class while on board. Gloria also had samples of quilts made in workshops by Karen Kay Buckley and Mary Lou Weidman.  Way to quilt....way to travel!

And the Piney Hills show and tells were eye candy....for sure.  Here is Virginia Hughes' cube wall hanging (ready for quilting.....and Virginia is a longarm quilter and she quilts for the public.)

 Here is a sneak peak of the upcoming Peach Festival Raffle Quilt that Virginia quilted.

 notice the yellow yo-yo flower centers

 Jean Constantina's Christmas stocking and Judy Ward's crib quilt

Judy made this quilt for her father's 90th birthday next month.
I know the photographer doesn't get paid enough, but I sure wish she had gotten a little closer so we could see the family pictures printed on fabric that Judy incorporated in her father's memory quilt!  Jeezeeeeee...........

Debbie Robicheau made this handsome vest purchase from the Just Jennifer booth at Cotton Corner 2012 quilt show. 

My sincerest apology to the maker of this show and tell.  I did not get her name.  But this story is delightful.  Her granddaughter an early age made a lemonade recipe and presented it to her grandmother......years go by and grandmother found and completed a stack of lemons cross stitch....had Victoria's original recipe and the cross stitch framed.  The recipe is to enlarge the picture and you can read her wonderful child ramblings and mis-spellings.    What a treasure! 

Oh, there was more....much more, so if you get a chance to visit this group of vibrant, busy ladies, do so.....they meet the second Thursday each month at 9:30 a.m. at the Methodist Chruch on Hwy. 167 North toward Dubach - about 3 miles from I-20.

Monday, March 5, 2012

It was all about Dianne Springer Designs

What a fun afternoon when Dianne and Brandy stopped by the Sunshine Chapter meeting

with just a sampling of Dianne Springer Design....and a story about how the venture started.  Dianne's Quilts In A Cup were first, then came Quilts in a Clipboard, on a mailbox, in a mouse pad, on a roll (toilet tissue...oh yes!) lamps, mirrors, rugs and chairs!


Did I mention that Dianne designs quilts and more quilts and aprons and place mats.....

and now AQS has published her book: Scrap-O-Lator....Quilts & More.   Dianne brought plenty with her and I and a lot more folks have a  signed edition. 

Dianne kept us spellbound....and we're still talking about her~

Lil bought Dianne's  Scrap-O-Lator book while at the Jefferson, Texas, Quilt Show and has been busy making place mats and pillows.  Love them Lil....will you share your table?