Monday, February 6, 2012

Half-Square Triangles....tried and true

My days are filled with Sunshine.  What a meeting we had.  I think my Half-Square Program (hereinafter known as HSTs) was a success  and to help me accomplish that are some of my fellow quilter friends with their HST quilts. 

Theresa LeBlanc's two color HST quilt

and Lil Griffin's HST quilt in shades of green (as in money).  Same pattern, but what a different look with different fabric selections and borders.

Dorothy Williams told us she was inspired to make her HST quilt while still living in Florida. 

Lyndae Gilbert's red white and blue:  A Debbie Maddy HST pattern without the use of Y-seams!
Looks beautiful with the good ole USA red white and blue on the wall.  For this pattern and more Calico Carriage Quilt Designs, go here!

Pat Seager's star burst HSTs.  This is definitely a scrap-happy, scrap-buster quilt! 

and Ginger McNeal was energized this week.  She said this one in batik was just too easy.  Here's the pattern.....You zig, I'll zag! A Moda Bake Shop pattern

Susanne Walker shared her mug rugs....they are little, but large!   Razzle Dazzle and Fine Line threads from Superior Threads. Susanne highly recommends this company, not only for their superior quality thread, but for the technical know-how this company shares with us.  Great information Susanne....thanks!   

Now I'm off to do more quilting.  A Tuesday Bees retreat through Thursday.....YES!


  1. I am as guilty of missing a meeting as anyone, but I sure enjoyed our meeting in February. I have to just make my schedule let me attend, but I sure enjoy it when I am there. It is something I try and do for myself............thanks to Marty for a wonderful quilt show...........ha!

  2. You are a jewel Karla and we welcome you with open arms any time you can attend. Obligations and life and schedules.....schedules and life and obligations day after day!

  3. Where can I find the pattern for the two color HST quilts shown at the top of the page?

    1. Peggy, my friend Theresa brought me the copy of this quilt pattern today. If you will email me your address, I will get it right out to you.

  4. OMG! REALLY! Thank you so much! Emailed you my address.

  5. Hi,

    I am not a member of your group (I am in California), but I would love to know the name of the pattern used to do the top two quilts above. I would like to do it in black and white for my son who is going away to college!


  6. I would love to make the starburst quilt. Anyone know where I can get the pattern? Thanks in advance!