Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stand Up and Cheer: NLQG is Here

Ever since our website became historically and forever archived.....I've been wanting to set up a team blog for our quilt guild.....which means there will be blog posts by different members of the guild.  I'm excited....that this will be a place for sharing who we are and what we do.  We'll share our  pictures and provide information about upcoming activities and events sponsored and hosted not only by our guild but by other quilt guilds in our area.   This will be the place for us to share quilt blocks and patterns and create links to quilt teachers and pattern and fabric makers.  You see,  we are all about quilting and want to spread the joy.

Go ahead - it's okay to join the NLQG site and become a follower.  We love Facebook sharing  and look forward to your comments and questions. 

Marty Mason


  1. Love your beginning picture. Goes with our challenge for 2012 to use feathers in project.

  2. Great blog, Marty! I have signed on as a follower and sure will enjoy keeping up with my friends in NLQG here and on FB!

  3. Yes, Ethel, we need to post about the guild challenge....Oh, and Donnna, I knew you would be right there with us!