Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday: A Guild Luncheon to Remember

Was it just yesterday at the guild luncheon that we met the newest guild active participant in the Moonlight Chapter. 

and here is one of Marie's quilts she brought to show off her quilting skills.  We love it Marie....and look forward to seeing more of your quilted beauties.  I forgot what she called it, so I just dubbed it Marie's Monet Garden. 

and was it just yesterday that Marilyn McCoy officially became the first guild member to complete the 2012 Birds Of A Feather guild challenge! 

 Yes, Marilyn is feeling pretty smug about completing the challenge so early in the season! 

and another thing

A Sunshine Chapter project completion:  Mary Wible's red white and blue dream quilt ~
Mary chose to use the Louisiana quilt block...I found it here.

and while Elaine DuBois hasn't completed her dream quilt.....she does have a start.  It's the feeling groovy variation of the very simple quilt block  Tricia Cribbs Turning Twenty....Elaine's quest is to see how many ways she can turn 20!  Let me know how that turns out Elaine!

and Jeanette Rolen proved to us that our 2011 national teacher, Judy Holley, really taught her a thing or two....beautiful quilt, Jeanette. 

and more thoughts about Louisiana and quilts:  Morehouse Parish's very own quilters, Emma Kay Sistrunk and Glenda Worley, designed the 9 by 9 inch quilt block that will become a part of the massive Louisiana bicentennial quilt celebrating 200 years of Louisiana statehood.  The quilt will travel the state, then make its home in the state capitol.  Here's the newspaper article Glenda shared with us yesterday. 

When the Morning Stars Chapter tells you the soup is better grab a bowl.  The soups, breads and desserts added as much warmth as a quilt does on a cold winter's day.  Oh, what a happy Saturday it was and Charlotte Jackson's happy quilt just made us happier. 

posted by:  Marty Mason

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