Sunday, January 15, 2012

Put the Needle on the Record

Here's Val's aptly named baby play mat. Isn't this adorable and with a Moda jelly roll! With that same jelly roll, Val also made a changing pad. Just add two yards for backing and 1/2 yard to bind these two quilted baby projects. Val is a very talented quilt designer and quilter and shares her talent with us through her How About PinkPlease blog.

"Put The Needle..." has been featured on Modern Day Quilts and Val has also been honored by having the recipe featured in Moda Bake Shop. Go see how to make this fun project for both baby and mom to enjoy.

This is such a great pattern for baby, I decided to repost it from our 'old' we can keep it!  As a matter of fact, I'll grab as many as I can before that site totally shuts me out!  What?  It's ours....I'm not stealing: 

Marty Mason

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