Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't loose those books too quickly:

Beware of letting go of those quilting books too quickly.  I just checked on Amazon for Teri Christopherson's The Best of Black Mountain Quilts which is now out of print and found it listed from $39.95 up to an astounding $151.   It's a 2002 edition and I paid $28.95 for my copy. 

Another out of print with a soaring price tag is Blended Quilts From In The Beginning co-authored by Marsha McCloskey and Sharon Yenter.  It was published in 2002 and my price was $29.95 + tax of course.

I found this jewel for sale anywhere from  $34 to $181.   I think in case of fire, I'll grab my quilt books rather than the fur coat....and cat is on his own!  

What's in your library?  Anything worth mentioning?   If' it's a book to love, let's get it on our books list on the sidebar. 


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