Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sale Alert: Sale Alert: Sale Alert:

I hope to find sales and pass them on in a sale alert post each week or month.....here's one I found today.  

City Craft - oil cloth and laminated fabric -  through February 14

Oh, I know there a lot more out there....but what!  It's dinner time in my house. 


Monday, January 30, 2012

Railroad Tracks: A Leah Day Free-Motion Quilting Design

Leah Day of Day Style Designs helps us to make our free-motion quilting easy.  Railroad Tracks is a beginner level free-motion quilting design that would work beautifully on any little child's or grown-up child's quilt.  I'm thinking about finishing a CASA quilt in this easy pattern.

Try it and leave a comment!  To comment, just sign into Google and you are on the right track...railroad track, that is!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let's Chat: About Birds of a Feather

Hey...best friend forever, let's talk about it! 

All watchers know that birds of a feather do flock together.  But do only birds hang out together?  What about you and your friends?  The NLQG 2012 Challenge involves you and your BFFs! (For the uninformed such as I, that means best friends forever).  Now you know. 

Here are The Rules:

1.  Your challenge may be a quilt no more than 40 inches square.....a wearable.....a purse or other  novelty item.  It must be quilted.

2.  Your challenge may be pieced, appliqued, embellished, embroidered, or any combination.

3.  No birds are required, but the challenge must have a feather on it somewhere.  The feather may be pieced, appliqued, quilted, felted, beaded, embroidered, etc.  You may have more than one feather.

4.  Now here is the real challenge!  This is a group project.  You must work on the project with at least one other person, but you can work with a group of any number of friends.  You may have one project from the group or each person may have a project based on the group's plan.  Group members may work on all of the project or only one aspect of it.  One may do the planning, another the quilting or the applique and so on. 

5.  The label must list all members of the group. 

Should you elect to participate in this challenge, there will be a major quilt hanging on the wall at the December, 2012, Christmas luncheon.   Let's make this the biggest challenge to top all challenges! 

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Block Of The Month: A Quilt-Along

I've been a personal fan of Canton Village Quilt Works for quite some time and follow Jackie's blog religiously.  She decided back last summer to host a Block of the Month ....started in September.....but it's not too late to get the blocks and play catch-up! 

Jackie started out with Kaffe fabrics from her shop but this is meant to be a scrap quilt, so any fabric from your stash, scraps or collections would work just fine. 

Jackie invited a pretty amazing slate of diverse quilters from some of our favorite blogs to participate in the block designs and these five block designers.....you'll recognize the names....have already designed and posted their blocks. 

September:  Sherri McConnell - A Quilting Life
October:  Vicki Welsh - Field Trips In Fiber
November:  Stephanie Dunphy -  Loft Creations
December:  Pat Sloan - The Voice of Quilting
January:  John Adams - Quilt Dad

and to look forward to in the  months to come are blocks and tutorials from these quilt designers:

February:  Amy Smart Diary Of A Quilter
March:  Allison Harris Cluck, Cluck, Sew
April:  Amy Lobsiger Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts
May:  Cathy Underhill Cabbage Quilts
June:  Pam Vieira-McGinnis Pam Kitty Morning
July: Victoria Findlay Wolfe Bumble Beans, Inc
August:  Amy Ellis Amy's Creative Side
September:  Sarah Fielke The Last Piece
October:  Jackie Kunkel Canton Village Quilt Works

Canton Village Quilt Works

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Almost February: Here's your Calendar

This month's calendar background is a well-loved vintage child's quilt my sister found in a 'junk' shop!
Hand pieced baby's building blocks were probably  made from left over fabric from the children's pajamas. 
 Hand quilted.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday: A Guild Luncheon to Remember

Was it just yesterday at the guild luncheon that we met the newest guild member....an active participant in the Moonlight Chapter. 

and here is one of Marie's quilts she brought to show off her quilting skills.  We love it Marie....and look forward to seeing more of your quilted beauties.  I forgot what she called it, so I just dubbed it Marie's Monet Garden. 

and was it just yesterday that Marilyn McCoy officially became the first guild member to complete the 2012 Birds Of A Feather guild challenge! 

 Yes, Marilyn is feeling pretty smug about completing the challenge so early in the season! 

and another thing

A Sunshine Chapter project completion:  Mary Wible's red white and blue dream quilt ~
Mary chose to use the Louisiana quilt block...I found it here.

and while Elaine DuBois hasn't completed her dream quilt.....she does have a start.  It's the feeling groovy variation of the very simple quilt block  Tricia Cribbs Turning Twenty....Elaine's quest is to see how many ways she can turn 20!  Let me know how that turns out Elaine!

and Jeanette Rolen proved to us that our 2011 national teacher, Judy Holley, really taught her a thing or two....beautiful quilt, Jeanette. 

and more thoughts about Louisiana and quilts:  Morehouse Parish's very own quilters, Emma Kay Sistrunk and Glenda Worley, designed the 9 by 9 inch quilt block that will become a part of the massive Louisiana bicentennial quilt celebrating 200 years of Louisiana statehood.  The quilt will travel the state, then make its home in the state capitol.  Here's the newspaper article Glenda shared with us yesterday. 

When the Morning Stars Chapter tells you the soup is on....you better grab a bowl.  The soups, breads and desserts added as much warmth as a quilt does on a cold winter's day.  Oh, what a happy Saturday it was and Charlotte Jackson's happy quilt just made us happier. 

posted by:  Marty Mason

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't loose those books too quickly:

Beware of letting go of those quilting books too quickly.  I just checked on Amazon for Teri Christopherson's The Best of Black Mountain Quilts which is now out of print and found it listed from $39.95 up to an astounding $151.   It's a 2002 edition and I paid $28.95 for my copy. 

Another out of print with a soaring price tag is Blended Quilts From In The Beginning co-authored by Marsha McCloskey and Sharon Yenter.  It was published in 2002 and my price was $29.95 + tax of course.

I found this jewel for sale anywhere from  $34 to $181.   I think in case of fire, I'll grab my quilt books rather than the fur coat....and cat is on his own!  

What's in your library?  Anything worth mentioning?   If' it's a book to love, let's get it on our books list on the sidebar. 


Monday, January 16, 2012

Tote Bags for The CASA Heart Gallery

North Louisiana Quilt Guild is very active in supporting Northeast Louisiana CASA....so when they told us about The Heart Gallery and their need for totes to transport the 16" x 20" framed photographs of the children that are available for adoption,  we jumped right in. 

Very simple to make with double sided pre-quilted yardage...we found this on sale at Hancocks....  they measure 22" x 25" and are large enough to carry two framed photos.   Instructions are available if you want to participate in this project locally or in your area.  The Heart Gallery....what's not to love. 
                                                                                            Marty Mason

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cotton Corner Quilt Show

Gearing up for Cotton Corner Quilt Show
When:  February 24-25 9 a.m. 'til 5 p.m. (4 p.m. Saturday)
Where:  West Monroe, LA Convention Center
Tickets:  $5.00
Sweet Attractions:  A room filled with quilts, door prizes and demonstrations every hour
Featured Quilter: Jeanette Rolen will have a stunning display of her quilts
Vendors:  Ready to show and sell their 'stuff'
Handmade Treasures:  A NLQG booth featuring all handmade items from guild members
Cotton Corner:  Tidbits, magazines, fabric, patterns and more!
and -

The Donation Quilt:  Bear Tracks In The Garden

is a big attraction in our Quilt Show.   NLQG members spent many hours creating, cutting, and piecing the quilt together because we "just love the art of quilting".  "Bear Tracks In The Garden" was machine quilted by Hannah Marie Lee owner of Hannah's Quilts and Crafts in Choudrant, LA.   One  lucky person will win the 2012 Donation Quilt and will have a true work of art as you can see by the picture below. Tickets will be on sale at the Show or from any member. Good luck!

January Events (That I Know About)

Put the Needle on the Record

Here's Val's aptly named baby play mat. Isn't this adorable and with a Moda jelly roll! With that same jelly roll, Val also made a changing pad. Just add two yards for backing and 1/2 yard to bind these two quilted baby projects. Val is a very talented quilt designer and quilter and shares her talent with us through her How About PinkPlease blog.

"Put The Needle..." has been featured on Modern Day Quilts and Val has also been honored by having the recipe featured in Moda Bake Shop. Go see how to make this fun project for both baby and mom to enjoy.

This is such a great pattern for baby, I decided to repost it from our 'old' blog.....now we can keep it!  As a matter of fact, I'll grab as many as I can before that site totally shuts me out!  What?  It's ours....I'm not stealing: 

Marty Mason

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Stand Up and Cheer: NLQG is Here

Ever since our website became historically and forever archived.....I've been wanting to set up a team blog for our quilt guild.....which means there will be blog posts by different members of the guild.  I'm excited....that this will be a place for sharing who we are and what we do.  We'll share our  pictures and provide information about upcoming activities and events sponsored and hosted not only by our guild but by other quilt guilds in our area.   This will be the place for us to share quilt blocks and patterns and create links to quilt teachers and pattern and fabric makers.  You see,  we are all about quilting and want to spread the joy.

Go ahead - it's okay to join the NLQG site and become a follower.  We love Facebook sharing  and look forward to your comments and questions. 

Marty Mason